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I finally got the picture I took off the digi camera of the car my girlfriend was driving after the accident she got into on Sunday evening...She's okay...serious back & neck pain, but that's to be expected after getting plowed into from behind by some bitch doin' at least 40mph & not paying attention. My girlfriend was stopped, ready to make a left turn & saw her coming up fast behind her...if she didn't crank the wheel back to the left, she would have shot right into oncoming traffic... I didn't see skidmarks, so I don't think the bitch even tried to slow down.

That's an '89 camry...not bad huh? no damage past the rear doors, the engine never died, and my girlfriend was able to drive it off the road.
The other woman was driving a small suv w/a big grill guard. I didn't see it, but I guess the grill guard fell off & someone carried it away...her windshield broke and driver side window popped out & her vehicle was left in the middle of the street...
Moral of the story: PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!
Thank you.
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