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After 7 years of great ownership my car is for sale - all the info you need is here if you are a member of that forum:



Sadly I am genuinely planning to sell my ST162 convertible. It has been amazing and fun to own but it is time to go...

Would love it to sell to an enthusiast on this forum, so would like to discuss it a bit first in case anyone wants to take it, before ultimately I probably end up listing it on autotrader, car and classic, ebay etc...

All my original info is here:écapotable/

it gathered a lot of attention at the Goodwood 80's car show last year. everybody who spoke to me said it was amazing, probably the rarest car on show... one guy said - "this car is the reason I come to these shows, not the common 911s/ferraris etc, you see them at every show, they are boring..." - a man with good taste!


I need the extra space in my garage for number of reasons, probably for about a year. Then I'm thinking S2000, MR2 or MX5 etc - Sorry Gen4 friends! But 2 seater rear wheel drive fun is calling one day.

WHAT IS IT WORTH? I have been following the world of rare old Japanese cars for ever and the prices are getting quite good...

In summary I have a well looked after ST162 convertible. I have spent £1000's on it. I have replaced lots of new parts. I have gathered a huge stock pile of new and second hand parts.

Previous owners have done a good job. It spent a lot of its life in south of France so good weather. I have a folder full of paperwork.

In the 7 years I have owned it I have covered the number of miles in the table below. The first few years I owned it I drove it lots because my pulsar was in need of lots of work so it was my 'daily' driver. We bought a house which also needed lots of work and so the pulsar got further neglected... We also bought a Pathfinder a few years ago which does the most mileage. Now the celica only comes out on sunny days, special occasions, weekends, car shows, countryside roof down drives, pubs, etc...

2020 - 155,512
2019 - 155,276 - 236
2018 - 154,832 - 444
2017 - 154,759 - 73
2016 - 153,370 - 1,389
2015 - 150,708 - 2,662
2014 - 147,926 - 2,782

all my photos are here in my flickr album, you can see how well it has been treated and how much fun it is to own:


Explore this photo album by edward guest on Flickr!

Over this time I have fitted the following new parts:

  • full suspension all round.
  • brakes discs pads hand brake shoes.
  • roll bar bushings
  • roll bar end links
  • radiator
  • thermostat
  • various service parts, oil, filters, spark plugs, distributor cap/arm, etc.
  • CV joints
  • 4 new tyres
  • new front windscreen (fitted by a professional)
I have fitted second hand parts:

  • white OZ alloy wheels with the new tyres, I also have the original wheels with tyres
  • full leather interior
  • rear half exhaust (great condition)
Over this time I have gathered the following new parts but not got around to fitting them:

  • front ball joints
  • engine and gearbox mounts
  • front wishbone bushings
  • one full front drive shaft with inner/outer CVs, (can't remember which side, didn't need it, was just a good price!)
  • full set of rear suspension bushings for control arms etc (by whiteline)
  • clutch master cylinder
  • clutch slave cylinder
  • engine metal coolant pipes
Old parts that I have that will sell with the car:

  • both front motorised headlights
  • both front indicators
  • both motorised wing mirrors
  • both rear lights
  • front grille
  • tow bar
  • roof latches (gold dust)
  • original wheels, with tyres fitted, but would recommed a full refurb so they look like the brochure with the black and polished sections. previous owner sprayed them.
being honest these are a few things that need doing to make it amazing, I would point out the following:

  • the roof has seen better days, there are various rips and holes, the headlining on the targa is hanging down, folding roof section needs replacing, I have been quoted £1,140 all in,new roof hand built and targa refurbished. (They have done celicas before - Don Trimming Company Ltd- Car Hoods )
  • it is 32 years old so there's a few dings and scrapes, evidence of a few rust bubbles etc.
  • there's a few bits of interior trim not attached. I have all these pieces they just needs glueing or clipping in place.
  • rear boot struts need replacing. the boot will not stay open for long. they are only circa £20 each.
  • the front left caliper is sticking a bit, causes a hint of shudder around 50mph when cold. will need taking apart and cleaning, slider pins need greasing. this is very common on celicas, MR2s etc.
  • the stereo is knackered, it has a mind of its own and will need replacing. the front speakers are fine, the rear ones are not connected anymore. being a toyota it has a double DIN section so it could have an amazing modern double DIN satnav, touchscreen etc.
  • wear and tear on the seats/interior, well not actually any rips or tears, just old and need a bit of tlc, leather cleanser and cleaning, steering wheel is a bit sun bleached so could be dyed.
Being 1 of only 250 uk convertibles ever made, and if you believe the statistics of 'howmanyleft' this is 1 of only 7 with an MOT (there's 28 SORN), this is a super rare japanese classic... What is it worth?


My current thoughts are i'd let it go for about £5,000 for my car and all the spare new and old parts... I've seen a few of these sell for around £3,000 to £4,000 recently with shakey history, lack of photos, terrible paint, lack of spare parts, lack of new suspension...

USA model is slightly different but 7,000 euros!
I found this listing on sur - isn’t it great?

$10,000 for a really good one...
Toyota Celica GT-S Convertible for Sale in Green Bay, WI - CarGurus

People are asking £4,000 to £6,000 for the ST183 convertibles, so surely the ST162s are worth more?

£16,000 for a hard top!?!?

How much would other owners sell their convertibles and hard tops for?

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