If anyone knows good places to look for parts, this is my first forum, i'm a layman.
1985 Celica GT has been in family since new, so a bit attached. 95k miles if it matters.

Fuel Pump Bracket holder part #23206-35060
May need Sending Unit/Float as well, it's rusty. any tips on cleaning this appreciated. part #83320-i don't know the rest
Fuel Pump, any tips on which one to buy. part #23220P-I don't know the rest (16070, 16080, 16081, 19015?)

Been sitting for 2 years, always started first time until it didn't 2 yrs ago. I'd drive it basically to keep battery charged. Mechanic saying to get a different fuel tank maybe (i found one), maybe a new sending unit which is accessible from trunk, we haven't seen the bracket condition yet since you have to drop the tank first and then new fuel pump.
I live in Missouri, thx
*the 3 pics of the fuel tank are pics of the one I am may buy. original tank still on car. I'm hoping the wire sticking out is a good sending unit still in tank.

If anyone wants to buy, I'd consider. I really want to teach my 16 yo to drive a stick though:)