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For sale is my 1988 ST165, white exterior with blue interior. I have owned this car since 2001, when I purchased it from a company in Ann Arbor, MI. I was told that this car was originally used as a test vehicle for a blind spot detection system. Anyhow, when I purchased the car it had around 19k miles on it, still had the original exhaust/tires/etc, but the company had a new timing belt installed prior to selling it due to the age of the car. As I understand it had been stored indoors up to that point. I picked it up for the same price as the local Lexus dealer offered them on trade, which was $4500.

I was looking for a clean ST165 chassis due to my previous ST165 having significant rust issues. This one obviously fit the bill, so I picked it up and sold my other one. At the point I bought the car I replaced all fluids and put new brakes on the car.

The car followed me to Fort Wayne, IN, and back to Michigan again. I had many plans for the car which generally never materialized until 2007. Over the years, I acquired a Whiteline "The Works" package (poly bushings, anti-lift kit, swaybars), an Aussie HTC 3" downpipe, an XS-Power 3" stainless exhaust, some pretty cool TTE 17" multispoke wheels (which were stolen), NGK plug wires and Denso Iridium plugs. All of this was installed during the summer of 2007 when the car had ~31k miles on it. At that point I picked up a Tien HA coilover kit (for an ST165 but with adapters for ST165). I installed new ball joints in the front and spherical bearings in the back at that point. While I was installing the new suspension someone stole my TTE wheels (along with the mounted tires), so I had to buy rims quickly - I decided on 17" OZ Superleggera in silver, with Dunlop tires. These are the setup still on the car. I still have the original rims/tires. I also installed a later radio from a Camry (cd player and tape player - plug and play), Alpine speakers which have no bass, and therefore also a small JVC powered sub under the driver's seat (it is small, fits perfectly, and it not screwed to the floor).

Right after I installed the parts, while attempting to back out of a parking spot at work, the shifter was hard to engage, finally 'clunked' into reverse, and ground the entire way home. I made it home, but right beforehand the car decided to only engage into 2nd gear. At that point I parked the car until I could find/come up with funds for a new trans. I found a ST205 trans (used), and had it installed in the summer of 2008. I was told the clutch had about 30% life left. I didn't replace it as I had plans to either sell the car or swap a Gen 3 3SGTE into it. At that point I had been looking for a convertible car, and ended up getting an e46 M3 which drained ALL of my free money for the next 4 years until I sold it in 2012. Additionally, I inherited a 65 Mustang convertible which needs work, and have a reliable daily driver. So, I have too many cars in the driveway and it is time for me to part ways with the Celica.

The car is still in great shape, but is not perfect. I do believe you will have a hard time finding another one in as good of shape, especially with such low miles on it.

I want this car to go to someone who will treat it right, and most importantly DRIVE IT! In that spirit, I am disclosing all that I personally know about the car

The bad (I am being as critical as possible):
-Some stone chips on the hood, the largest of which is starting to rust
-Some loss of clearcoat on the driver's side headlight cover (possibly brake fluid - was that way when I bought it)
-Some slight rust on the sunroof cover (pretty recent)
-Minor rust on both front fenders where I stupidly tried to cut some metal to fit bigger tires - it is surface rust that appears to be fixable
-Some minor paint chipping from the rear spoiler
-Minor dent in driver's door (no paint damage)
-Exhaust rattles occasionally
-Brake rotors are rusty (I have new rotors that I will be installing shortly)
-Suspension clunks over bumps (I believe it to be a sway bar link issue - I have new links that I will be installing shortly)
-Drive belt will need replaced shortly
-Heater works intermittently (seems to be a control panel issue - I believe it is common and is likely due to solder cracks on the circuit board)
-Fog lights don't come on (although they did when I stopped driving the car in 2007/2008)
-Check engine light blinks intermittently when the engine is warming up
-Oil pressure sensor needs replaced, I have a new one and will install when I have time.

The good:
-Low mileage, mostly original ST165 which still starts every time and runs great
-All features work (except for those noted above)
-Car has original steering wheel, shifter knob, floor mats, spare tire, driver's window switch is still intact, etc
-Battery replaced in 2010 or 2011
-Car has always had Mobil 1 oil and has a fresh oil change
-Service manual included

-H4 conversion headlights (I believe these are JDM glass lights, I have not had them out of the package except to look at them when I received them)
-Original plug wires
-Original wheels/tires
-A bunch of spare parts from my previous ST165 - turbos/downpipes/sensors/hoses/etc


Since I haven't driven the car for any real distance in a number of years, the car is for sale as-is, where-is with no warranties. I don't want to ship the car, but would consider it if the buyer arranges for the car to be picked up.

Car is for sale for $7000, and is negotiable as I would like this out of my driveway as quickly as possible. With that said, I am not going to give the car away, as I have more than this into the car.

I can be reached at [email protected] with any questions.
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