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<font color='#000000'>Hello All!

My girlfriend has a black 03 GT w/ the factory action package.  Her front spoiler had a disagreement w/ a parking lot curb @ about 5 mph.  I want to bolt on a whole new front spoiler.  Any ideas on where to go to get an inexpensive replacement besides Toyota?  It can be a different style than the factory action package but nothing too wild!


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<font color='#8D38C9'>Hi and welcome!

Too bad to hear about the bumper, ouchie!

You can find pictures of nearly every kit made for the 7th gen celi here:
Just scroll down.  

There are a lot here too:  

That second site has contact info too, so you can get the parts from the original manufacturer and not get ripped of with replica kits that don't fit right.  Cheap isn't always good and unfortunately when it comes to bodykits, you usually get what you pay for!

Good luck and keep us posted!  :thumbsup:</font>
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