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<font color='#000000'>How to host and post pictures for free online (using Imagestation)!

All pictures in this tutorial are not clickable for a high resolution image, that is something Imagestation does not allow, so medium sized windows will have to do.(The links below each picture correspond with the larger versions of the picture)

1: Setting up an account

Go to and set up an account. Here's how:

Hit the web page, then click on 'Sign Up Now'.

At step one, enter your personal information. You have to use a valid email address - the system does run a check for validation to see if the address you entered is valid. Remember your password! Then click on 'Join Now'.

Step 2 in the registration process is to read the membership agreement and agree to it.

Step 3 is to Verify your email address.
After you have verified your email address, it will take you to the following screen where it asks if you would like to send friends or family an email to invite them to Imagestation(I recommend click No Thanks)

4: Creating your first photo album

At the the following page, click on 'Create New Album'.

You'll be brought to the 'Create New Albums' page. Enter the pertinant information regarding the name, type and rating of the album. You may also choose to password protect your album.
Enter whatever you like for the album information on the 'Create A New Album' page. Click on 'Continue' when you're done.

On the Next page you will see multiple ways of uploading pictures from your Hard Drive. Choose which ever method best suits you(personally I prefer to click on the See all upload Methods link.

Here you will see one of the many ways to upload pics(on the right hand side is a description of some other upload methods.)
In this mehtod choose the amt of pics you would liek to upload(upto 36) and then start clicking browse to search your HD for the pics you would like to upload.

Once you've gotten your file path entered in the image line, click 'Upload Images' to begin the upload process.

At the next screen you will see you pic(if done properly) and will allow you to add a caption to the pic. After that, click 'Continue'

If this is the first picture in the album, Imagestation will ask you to choose an album style(what type of border you would like) Just pic what ever you like from here and click 'Apply Style'

5: Getting the address for your photo(s)

This is where you start using Imagestation's resources to host your pictures anywhere you want.

If you have only one album then it will default to that album(as pictured below) if multiple albums, you will need to choose the album where your pic is. Once in the album, click on 'Index' (upper right, just above the Next button)

You will now be taken to an thumbnail index of all the pictures you have stored in that album. Once you find the correct picture click on it to get the medium size picture.(in the case of animated GIF's, they will not be animated in the smaller thumbnail index view)

Once you have the slightly larger version of the thumbnail picture in front of you, you can now get the URL for that pic so you can post itwhere ever you want to.(Imagestation unfortunately does not allow you to link the larger size of the picture on othe sites)

Right click on the picture, and in the pop-up menu select 'Properties'.

The properties page contains the link that you want to use to reference your image. Select the link by clicking and dragging your mouse over it, and copy it by either hitting 'Ctrl-C' on your keyboard, or by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Copy'. The address to the picture is now in your clipboard.

Now you can link to the photo using whatever image tags your hosting board allows.

6: Posting your photo(s) online!

Here's how to post your pictures.

If your board allows BBCode, you can use the BBCode tags:

remove spaces
[ img][/ img]
Just insert the above code into your message, and you'll have an in-line image! If you want to show the pictures on a web page that you're creating, you must use the HTML code. Of course, if you're writing a web page, you should know how to link images already.

Now get on with stealing other people's internet resources!

Tutorial courtesy of

Tutorial originally written by: Calesta Click here for original post, Re-written to correspond with Imagestation by 98EX
All images hosted free, courtesy of Imagestation. All images are property of ©2002 Sony Electronics e-Solutions Company LLC</font>
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