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Expectations on selling a 1995 convertible?

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I'm new to this forum! I have a 1995 Toyota Celica, red convertible. Sadly, it's come time to sell it as much as I love the car. I'm the only owner, and it has approximately 115K miles. New top about three years ago, new tires last year. The engine still purrs as it always has and is in great condition.

This has been my car since the mid-90s and I don't really have experience selling cars. What recommendations do people have to go about this? What is a realistic amount I might get for it? Happy to hear any advice.

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I see carfax has a listing for $6995. Yours seems low milage. I would ask maybe around $8000. if it's in really good condition. List it on Facebook marketplace and see what you get for responses. A dealer will not give you peanuts so don't bother.
You can also look of valuations in Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, and NADA (J.D. Power). Use the average of all 3 valuations to set your asking price. You have options for how your car is equipped in some of them to see how those options could impact value.
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