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Hey everyone!

This is an intensive guide on how to install your own heated seats. For under $100 and a few hours of your time you can have a warm toochie during those freezing winter months

First you'll need some supplies.

Heated seat kit : (choose whatever you want I went with these because they are rectangular and look more OEM plus 5 year warranty)
The one I chose: Premium Heated Seat Kits for Two Seats - Universal, OEM Equipment - High and Low Settings - Five Year Warranty Rectangular Switch : : Automotive

Add a fuse: I bought one from autozone, cost $8.00 and it says "Up to 10A fuse" Don't listen to it, I promise it will be fine. lol

Some electrical tape (optional)

A pair of Crimps

A few wrenches (10mm for bolts to get the plastics off and a 15mm to get the seats out)

A screw driver (good to have a phillips and flat head)

A 10AMP Fuse (like 4 dollars for a pack of 5 at walmart, make sure you get the ATM-type fuse...


Step 1: Disconnect the battery. (make sure you remove negative first then positive or you could seriously injure yourself).

Step 2: Remove the seats (I actually did this without removing the seats, but you can remove them if you'd like)
-You will need your 15mm wrench (it might be a 14, but I think it's 15)
-remember to disconnect the airbag wires and the seat belt sensor


Step 3: Now remove the center console, (there are tons of guides on how to do this out there) If you are using an automatic make
sure you have your parking brake (or e-brake) all the way up and put it into neutral. This will allow the cover to pop off with a flat head screw driver

Step 4: take off the plastic underneath the steering wheel, you can do this by removing the 2 10mm bolts.

Step 5: Now you have everything open it's time to feed the wire. Take the end that goes into the seats and feed it down the center console through the
steering wheel area. Continue to feed it through until you have an area you can pop it out and have it go under where it will plug into the seat.

Step 6: install the switch, this is super easy just pop out your fake panels with your thumb (I believe there is a tab) and then pull the switch through
You will have to disconnect the switch and then push it through from the outside in. (I hope you understand what I mean.)

Step 7: Hook the switch back up with the wire (just pops right in).


Step 8: make sure to feed your red wire over to the fuse box, this is easily done by going around where the cig lighter is.


Step 9: Find an area to ground your wire (I drilled a hole into the metal under the steering wheel and then just put a screw in and grounded it there)


Step 10: use the "add a circuit" you can find one at autozone for around $8. Plug it into your WASHER Fuse (15A on the top left).
Put the old 15A fuse into the bottom of the add a circuit and put a 10A fuse on top of it.


Step 11: Make sure the red is in the tubing and crimp it. Give it a "LIGHT" tug to make sure it is secure. I accidently tugged it too hard and it pulled right out and I had to cut both ends and electrical tape them together.


Step 12: Put all the plastics back together and make sure that everything looks good. And NO EXTRA SCREWS hahah.


Step 13: Time to install the heat pads into the seats, I didn't actually install mine I just slipped them under my covers, reason why is because I'm getting my seats
reupholstered anyway so I mine as well just wait and have the professionals do it.

If you want yours installed into the seats, here's a link to a very detailed guide that
teaches you how.

Seat Heaters Installed! (A Guide) - Forum


Step 14: Plug in your seats


Step 15: Reconnect your battery (Postive first, negative last!)


Step 16: Test your seats, turn the car on, flip the switch. And if you did it right the orange/amber light will be on!



For those who are really good with electrical there is a more elabrate way of doing it, read this thread for a guide on how to do it the "better, but more difficult" way. Credit goes to "Bitter"

Heated Seats Mod Help - Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota Car and Truck Forums

Thanks to
Bitter for helping with the elaborate method information,
2WAY (newcelica) for helping me figure out which fuse to use.

I hope this helped you all, please feel free to message me anytime for any assistance. This job is easily done by anyone, even if you have zero electrical skill or experience. (such as myself)

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