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Will be putting new distributor into my 91 GT. Figured I would do some technical testing of the new distributor before I put it in. This should help others with testing theirs in the future. Much of this should usable for distrbutors of this era.

This is for a 19100-74060.

Initial view with cap and rotor removed.
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There are 3 magnet/pickups in this image. The top is used for the 32 point rotor. The pi pups at 3 and 9 are used for the 4 point 'rotor underneath. The top pickup has a 15'm gap. I couldn't get a gap tool into the side pickups but using a light, these appear to have a similar gap.

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This is the connector for the distributor. Left to right, 1,2,3,4
  • 1 common to the pickups
  • 2,3 connected to the two side pickups
  • 4 is connected to the top 32 point pickup


TESTING was done with a Klein MM700 meter using the duty cycle frequency (HZ) function. The common lead was connected to #1 on the distributor connector. The red lead was connected to 2,3,4 individually for the tests.
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I used a eyebolt/hook drill adapter to spin the distributor during the test.

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4- this is the result of treating the 32 point pickup. It show as an average of 84 points per second. This is not rpm as there will be be 32 points port revolution. Also, the frequency here is directly related to the speed of your drill. You'll need to try and keep that same drill speed for each of the subsequent tests
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2,3 Tests
Here is the result from connecting the red lead to euther 2 or 3. Using roughly the same speed on the drill, we seer! Frequency that is 1/8 of the threat test. This corresponds to the the 32 or rotor vs the 4pt rotor
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Possible other observations.
  • the pickups appear to be wedged into plastic columns. It's likeit these 'move' around with age and possibly could be pushed to obtain the proper gap. Haven't tried it yet.
  • I took a distributor apart some 15 years ago. This does not look like the design from back then. We'll see. (Lots of bourbon since then)
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