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Different races

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<font color='#000000'>Got a few different races here guys

Race 1
My car( 91 GT Coupe ) vs 88 Town Car   LOL
A good friend of my owned a towncar that had some minor stuff done to it like exhuast and stuff.  Not that it matters, he thought he actually had a chance.  We tried it from a dead stop which he did better at anyways.  He stayed just for a sec and then he fell back fast.  And then we tried it from about a 20 punch and I murdered him.

Race 2
Me vs same guy but a 1981 Honda CB400F sportbike
This one was crazy...we left class one day(college) and we were beside each other at a light.  I had it in 1st(i got auto
 )  and I took off normall and left him back and then I heard him nail it.  When he got beside me I nailed it and he kept going and waved at me.  Well he got maybe a car length in front and my powerband came up and I started catching him quick.  I passed him and got way ahead and slowed down to look over at him and smile.

Race 3
Me vs 97 Civic EX 5spd ([email protected] HONDAS!!)
I was driving through town one day and this green civic keep messing with me.  I knew I would beat him so I didnt wanna waste my gas on him.  Well he drove by and yelled PU$$Y....that did it.  The guy i raced above was with me and he was kill that guy.  Well we went down and turned around and got beside the guy and I had it in 1st and so did he.  I got it up to about 4k and he looked over and we nailed it.  I just took off and left him.  When he caught up to me at a light he looked at my bro and said "keep it real man", my bro was like "whats that thing got (already knowing)?".  The guy replied "1.6 vtec" .Bro replied "Really?  This things got a 2.2 DOHC motor."  The guy was like "yeah it sounds good(refering to the intake)"</font>
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<font color='#000000'>the moral of the story is Toyota good...  DOnt get cocky though.  

I have beat plenty of cars that should have been faster.  But lost to cars that should have been slower.  Drag racing sucks anyway.  But good job keep it up.  what u have done to your car anyway?</font>
<font color='#000000'>Ah not to much...the car has 164k miles on it and its an auto but it does alrite.

I have a Weapon R dragon intake, I have a V Force from, and a universal muffler from 3Aracing.I have pictures if you want me to email em to ya.</font>
<font color='#8D38C9'>Woot for celis!!!
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