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Hello Celica enthusiasts,

I am new to this community. My sister has a Red 1996 Celica ST 25th Anniversary that is damaged and she would like to sell it. I thought it better to post it here to see if there is any interest in the car.

The car has damage on the drivers front fender. Another driver stopped short and she swerved and caught the persons bumper in the Celica's headlight bucket. I have a single photo attached and more that I can send.

The car has been loved and has been garaged the whole time of ownership. The intent was to get it fixed but it did not happen. The car has sat for a few years without running so their is work to be done on the fuel and brake system. It was a daily driver before the accident. It was fully maintained and the last major item that it had was new struts installed.

The car has 133657 miles on the odometer. The car is located in Northern NJ.

Thank you for giving this post a look.

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