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hey guys
i got my 2000 gt a/t jacked this week. i got it back today and well i guess it could have been worse, they only took engine components (sunsabitches).....sorry..anyway they took most of the front end stuff fans,shroud,motors,cruise control box ect.
they also took the air box, so instead of going and replacing it with the stock set up im going to go with a intake kit. here is where u guys come in, ive seen a few out there but i dont know which one to go with, i would appreciate any feed back on which one to get

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dude...where did ur ride get jacked? in ur neighborhood?  because my civic got jacked in my apt complex a couple months ago...i know that other racers took my car because they are only stealing modified import cars...and they stripped all my engine mods, my wheels, my that i have my celica...they've broken into her twice already but nothing was taken..therefore...they are waiting for me to put some mods in advice...try and find out who is ripping off cars and i'd wait on the modifications until you move somewhere else because they'll just steal them....just a suggestion.
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