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This is probably a question for Jaz.

I got the new photoshop CS2 last week and i havent played around with it much but i had photoshop elements before. I was wondering whats the easiest way to select stuff... I'm not liking the lasso tool that much cause i have a laptop and all i have is a scroll pad. I rememeber in elements i could use a brush or something to select big things and i could change the size to be really precise. Is that still in here or i just gotta get better with the lasso?
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I wish i could pay 800 for CS2
.....most expensive software ever.
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Originally posted by JazViper@Oct 4 2006, 04:14 AM
It depends what you need, some people that do not need car may think that 15k for car is much.

i have shoot 10000 photos with my camera in less than 2 years, i recently bought one of best quality lenses in world for camera.. it cost me that 800 bucks, just lens.. it was expensive yes, but it was worth it.
when you really need something, it may only be expensive for peoples around you.
Exactly! 800 bucks to make some cool looking sigs for forums isn't worth it.
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