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Struggled with this issue over the weekend but finally got it straightened out. So, here it is:

Car would crank and crank, very strong, with zero combustion happening. After doing a bit of troubleshooting, I realized that the engine light would NEVER come on... not while turning key to ON, not ever. And that indicates that the ECM was not powering up, which suggests an electrical problem: so, needed to check fuses, relays, and grounds.

Long story short, I stumbled across this 4-pin Radiator Fan relay in the main engine fuse box which looked really janky (see attached); tested it with a VM, and it was definitely bad. Picked a nice, identical one from a 90s era Camry at my local junkyard and had instant success: CEL was showing up briefly, like it's supposed to, and car started right up.

I'm not sure I would've expected this relay to bork the ECM and the whole starting process, but... it did. That's all, folks!


(Relay was a Denso 056700-4670)
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