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<font color='#000000'>Hello.
- Where can I get Cold Air Intake system for 2000 GT?
- I live in norway so they have to ship here.

And I got orher questions:

Butterfly questions:
- If I remove a butterfly will it damage the engine in time?
- How about cold stat? will it be more difficult withot butterfly?
- Will the fuel economy be wore without butterfly?

Cold Air Intake (CAI) questions:
- If i put cold air intake, will the engine me difficult to cold stat?
- Will the CAI damege the engine in time?
- Will fuel economy be wore with CAI installed?


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<font color='#000000'>Hey, found  an AEM cold air intake at for $209.00 US. If you opt for that design be sure to buy the bypass valve also, it will keep out the water and snow. As far as damaging the engine, the colder air only helps to atomize the fuel and burn more complete and cleaner. C-ya</font>
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