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I'm running an aftermarket parts shop in Switzerland and am the importer of Booster-Tuning who are based in Belgium. You can have a look at to see that I'm serious and not talking bull####.

At the Nuerburgring Toyota meeting the guys of Booster-Tuning asked me if there was a market for Altezzas rear ligths for the 90-93 (T18) and 94-99 (T20) Celicas.

Booster-Tuning ( is seriously considering producing these in 2003. No design has been decided on, yet and I can't give you any details. I know this isn't really much info I can give you guys at this moment. Sorry about that.

What I'd like you guys to do is send me a mail at [email protected] if you'd be interested in altezza taillights for your T18/T20 Celica if the price would be reasonable. I'll forward the response to Booster-Tuning. If we get the feeling that we can sell more than 100 units, they'll be done!

Let me know what you guys think about this.

Dirk Apel
GTN Parts Depot
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