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Cigarette Lighter Port and Trunk Lid+Hardware

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91 celica convertible I’m curious to know if the cigarette lighter ports typically work with accessories, the cigarette lighter works but won’t work with any accessories i’ve tried, if that’s the case I plan to convert it. I’m also in need of a trunk lid and mounting hardware if anyone knows where to find one.
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If you have accessories that have the cigarette lighter adapter fitting, then yes, it should work. I used an old Garmin GPS with the cigarette lighter port providing the power often with my 93 Celica convertible.

Regarding a hood and mounting hardware, do you need the hinges and the air struts as well? Any 1990-1993 Celica coupe or convertible would be a donor. It's getting harder to find good parts like than anymore though. You might want to try and search local salvage yards by you for a suitable trunk lid. Assuming your trunk lid has the spoiler with the LED center brake light?
If it works with a lighter, then power is good. Look down inside and see if crud is blocking the center. Use a wooden stick, or pull the fuse, to clean it. is a good site to find junkyard with the part.

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Be careful if you purchase the air struts for the trunk lid. check part numbers carefully. I did buy a set from carid, they were the right size put there are different tension/pressure ratings. Too strong and you will not be able to close the lid...don't ask how I know ;)
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