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<font color='#348EA9'>I was driving home from work, on last long straight before home i got red lights and had to stop... after while i see in my mirror that sports car takes next lane and comes on my side, there was young girl driving that and she wanted to race me...

after lights turn green (actually yellows) we begin small race, our cars are side to side for while but when i shift to 2nd my car gets some distance, on 3rd gear i make small mistake (too low rpm's) but anyways i'll lead whole time,

roughly after quarter mile there is traffic on my lane so i has to slow down little, i could pass those snails but i dont want to be jerk and cut on second lane just front of that girl so i let her pass me first, after she has passed me i change lane too to identify car... it was ford probe around '94

i never seen streetracing or been raced until now.

also i has to thank Meryem about rpm & shifting strategy

otherwise i would have lost

Celica ST '94 = Winner -> respect points +1  

Probe ~'94 = Loser -> tastes some dust</font>
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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