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I have a Celica coupe project with new parts from japan, Singapore and USA, I am selling either the parts ( price individually and depends the part or the complete car $4,900 OBO, if you are looking for a part text me or email and I will see if I have it, local pick up only, no exception. you will need to tow the car. Hood doors, trunk, interior, headlights, taillights, etc is off of the car so all the garbage, dirt, etc is already out of the car. Clean title, Non Op , no late fees.

Few parts to mention are:

Smiley bumpers (1976 and prior) uninstalled
Stock numbers (1977 and above)
Carburator Aisan ( refurbished )uninstalled
Headers (new) uninstalled
Magnaflow catalic (New) uninstalled
Spark plugs champion (new) uninstalled
Toyota Air filter (new) uninstalled
Hayden performance transmission cooler (new) uninstalled
Air cleaner intake hose (new) uninstalled
Water pump cover and gasket (new) uninstalled
NGK wire set (new) uninstalled
Distributor cap (new) uninstalled
V-Belts (2) (new) uninstalled
Lower radiator hose (new) uninstalled
Top radiator hose (new) uninstalled
Radiator (new) uninstalled
Thermostat (new) uninstalled
Weber adapter carburetor kit (new) uninstalled
Weber intake manifold (new) uninstalled
Engine Intake manifold gasket (new) uninstalled
Set of 4 hubcap toyota decals
Intake and exhaust manifold gasket (new) uninstalled
Brake hose set (new) uninstalled
Vintage Plastic Celica door trim uninstalled
Weather strip kit (new) uninstalled
Front & Rear window rollers kit (new) uninstalled
Coolant overflow tank reservoir (new) uninstalled
Fram fuel filter (new) uninstalled
Timing chain tensioner (new) uninstalled
Fender flares (new) uninstalled
Rear Shocks (new) uninstalled
Air Injection Smog pump (new) uninstalled
Repair Manual
Interior Dome light (new) uninstalled
Pedal pads (new) uninstalled
Front arm bush kit (new) uninstalled
Battery tray (new) uninstalled
Stabilizer rods (new) uninstalled
Original fuel cap
Distributor coil (new) uninstalled
Hood bumper kit (new) uninstalled

Plus all the stock interior parts, seats, dash, etc

No more waiting or paying shipping for parts to arrived, cars is already taken apart, clean only needs your personal touch like body, paint, etc



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I'm getting ready to begin the build on my 77, I recently picked it up and after months of title issues, it's time! Is this a current list of parts being sold?

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Hi can you send pricing for the pedal pads? Do you have the area at the bottom where it attaches to the floor? I need a patch panel for that to weld in. Also, the fender flares and what color is the dash pad? Any cracks? Thx! feel to email me [email protected]
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