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Can I motor swap a 1zz from an automatic into my manual?

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Hey guys i have a 7th gen celica gt manual transmission, it used to run fine before just like any 23 year old engine top it off weekly, but it eventually starved due to my mistakes of not knowing how to properly take care of a car (i was 15) now 19 my celi has been sitting for less then a year and i want to revive it because my v6 coupe accord is automatic and i’m missing my manual car, so original plan was to sort an engine buy it drop it in, but i read and read that if it’s from a corolla that it can be a headache and so on and tbh you can buy a used celica for the same price of the damn motor so i was thinking on going on co part or a local auction and buy one and just take the engine from that and put it into mine, only issue is all of if not most of them are automatic and the closest ones to me always without a fail are automatic so is there anything i should be aware of before going down this pit to revive my celi let me know thanks!
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Hi. angelxftp I just got done installing a 2005 Toyota Corolla engine into my 2002 Toyota Celica Gt. There are a few things that I had to change. Some brackets, and a little mechining work. On the back right side of the engine there will be three holes that need to be drilled and tapped for the drive axle bracket and two dowel holes. Need to use the 2005 Corolla fuel rail and injectors. Besides that it does work mine is running and moving my car down the road. David
I think the question angelxftp is asking is if an engine sourced from a 7th Gen Celica GT vehicle with automatic transmission is a drop in fit for a 7th Gen Celica GT vehicle that has a manual transmission (is the crankshaft the same regardless of which transmission is used). I don't know about 7th Gen Celica engines. On 5th Gen, engines were essentially identical between automatic and manual transmission setups.
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