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<font color='#000000'>Hey Celica Fans!! Check this out!!

I lowered my 82 GT about one inch and now the tires wear wrong because of the camber. me and the mechanic look at it noticing there are no adjustments for camber and caster on the 82' (maybe on an 85'?).

I need to find a good deal on kits for either - adjusting the stut tower or getting/making an oval connection at the lower control arm. I think it would be best to go with custom control arm connects since the kick ass centerline rims are already tryin to stick out at the top, plus its a  better upgrade for leaving the strut tower strong. if you know a great way I can  fabricate my own... I've got friends and machine shops. Some sites, pics, Ideas or new parts would be great.

HAHA just curious. i cut my springs one coil with no problems but i still want to upgrade to sport springs. so do you know of a better deal than $230 at 1"-2" Lower. thanks

help quick!! I just bought some new sport tires and went looking for an alignment since I DRIVE FAR TO WORK!

Thanks for all you can help with. Don't worry I'll put up pics and In night school I'll finish my body work and paint job. I've got an 82' 22R Celica GT - awsome interior and out - custom 85'front end with centerlines and chrome headers. my plans are to finish the fiberglass aerokit and start converting the engine to a 20-RE CAMMED, MAX VALVE SIZED, PORTED, AND TURBOCHARGED AND COOLED 2.4L with Electric Water pump and Fans, Aluminum Flywheel, and beefed up drivetrain components! WHAT was that you say??..  ?huh20-RE 2.4L conv...? Damn straight its suped up!! HAHAHA It's the Project ToyHead Auto Tweaked Up in our machine shop. Wait still not impressed? Just let me get my hands on a New Supra and smoke out the whole lot of ya!

Hey First things first. the suspension tune up!
LATER! I'll keep you posted, MIKE</font>
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