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Bought a Celica to fix up, Quarter Window Stuck in 1987 Celica GT Convertible.

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Bought this car Monday.
Going through it and fixing things.
Top Leaks, Interior Trashed, Tires from 2010.
Runs and drives fine.
Has a small oil leak. Was told it was from timing chain cover, have not had the car off the ground yet.
The radiator fan is rigged directly to the battery and somebody installed a battery disconnect switch.
Have not investigated that yet, Owner had no explanation.
Noticed the AC compressor is missing, Don't see any mounting points, assuming it goes right below the alternator.
It needs a lot of cosmetic attention, Paint is trash, there is a dent in the passenger quarter panel, the front valance is broken and missing bits.

So far...
Ordered the Chilton for this car, Wont be here for another week or so.
I put flex seal tape on the convertible top to stop leaks until I buy a new top.
Last night I removed the back seats and trunk carpet and washed them as good as I can. Its sticky like tar.
I removed the center console and tested the Drivers side quarter window switch with a ohm meter and the switch was not working.
Disassembled it, cleaned and lubed the contacts, Switch is working now, tested it and the lights dim a bit when trying to roll the window up,
But its still stuck down.
Removed some interior panels and I cannot figure out how to remove the motor for that window.

4 Tires were delivered to the house today.
Tonight I will get the car on stands, remove the wheels and get the new tires installed.
I'll take a look at the brakes and suspension while I'm there.
Maybe a oil change if there is time.

I ordered a fuel filter, air filter, trunk lift struts, Chilton, and headlights.

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How much did they pay you for taking it??
Only kidding, you have a "project" on your hands for sure. Good luck.
How much did they pay you for taking it??
Only kidding, you have a "project" on your hands for sure. Good luck.
Thanks, I haven't seen too many of these pop up for sale near me. I used to have one years ago and regret selling it.
It was a ton of fun to drive. The price seemed fair enough to me.
I will never attempt to restore it, Just want it nice enough so I don't look like probable cause.
So, I am having fun. This could turn into more of a restoration than I planned.
I am putting a lot of hours into it, loosing track of time and staying up until 3am.
I figured out where that stain in the rear seat came from. It is the noise deadening tar-like material under the seat.
Something must of got down there and managed to liquify it and the seat soaked it up.
most of it is still hard, but some of it is lifting away with a putty knife.
I detailed the seats as much as I can. They are hanging outside to dry with the rest of the interior.
This car appears to have little rust considering the neglect from the previous owner.
I want to treat the small areas of rust on the floor pans, then cover with something that cannot hold moisture.
I am thinking a tar-like acoustic material. Anybody use the Amazon sound deadener?
I removed the passenger window motor assembly and the motor is rusted inside too badly to refurbish. Replacement is on the way.
Still have not removed the rear quarter motor. I believe the entire assembly comes out in one piece if I can figure out which bolts to remove.

Ordered lots of parts for the breaks.
Rotors, Drums, Calipers, Cylinders, Hoses, CV Axles.
While i am down there i think i might as well do the rest of the suspension parts,
Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Sway Bar, and all the other stuff, I thought about struts and springs, but I cannot find front springs.
Is it worth replacing the springs? I noticed the strut boots are torn so those might be bad.

The engine has a small oil leak, I believe it is coming from under the timing chain cover. Have not investigated this yet.
I know this should have come first before worrying about suspension and breaks. But I am not opposed to buying another engine and attempting to rebuild it myself.
I have never done it before, but I kind of like the idea of taking everything apart, cleaning and washing, and replacing worn parts seals, gaskets on the way back up.
And adding some pretty paint here and there to make it look sharp.

I am not a machinist so I don't really want to be playing with crank shaft bearings and stuff. But maybe I can learn or have somebody else do that for me.
I want to be able to trust the engine so i can go on long drives and don't want to break down hours away.

I did a bit of reading to see what other vehicles use the 3S-FE and it looks like several vehicles up until 2003 used it, Toyota RAV4, Vista5, Avensis1.
Will one of those engines work? or have there been changes over the years to prevent it from being a drop in? I have never done this before.

I added pictures for attention.
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Yup, ya got yourself a project alright. Good luck,
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