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thanks a bunch itallian. picture makes all the difference. just one more question though, why do you have to plug up that hose after the removal of the butterfly valve?

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i really couldnt answer that for u because i really dont know. i just did what the guide told me to do. but glad u like it

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ITS called a FREEmod bro. should take you about a half hour. remove the butterfly from the stock air box. your gonna love the sound

its as follows

1) Ok first thing you need to do when

taking out the butterfly valve is to unhook the negative

battery terminal. I like to wrap something around the

cable so it can't make contact with any metal by

mistake!! 2) Unplug the Mass air sensor wiring

first that is on the top of the air box towards the

intake tube. See diagram. 3) Pull the large and small vacuum hoses

off of top of air box to (see diagram). 4) Slide sensor off of air box that has

two vacuum hoses and wiring attached to it. See diagram.

(the two hoses and wire can be taken off to leave sensor

attached to top section of the airbox also.) 5) Loosen the clamp that is around the

intake hose and attaches to the air box. (Phillips

screwdriver) push the intake tube towards the back of the

car to slide tube off. 6) Release clamps from the top of the

air box that are shown in the diagram. 7) You should now be able to lift the

top of the air box by gently working it off towards the

back of the car. (there are groves on the front that it

rest in) 8) Take out the air filter. 9) Pull off the hose that is attached to

the butterfly valve and plug the end of the hose up! 10) Slide the Butterfly valve straight

up. It has two clips on the bottom (can be reached by

hand under bottom of intake) that need moved slightly to

allow the butterfly to come loose. 11) Place the butterfly hose back in the

same slot that it came out of. As to not interfere with

other moving parts of the motor. 12) Place Air filter back in air box. 13) Place top half of air box in proper

position. Make sure no wires, hoses, or clamps are stuck

in between top and bottom halves. This may take a few

moments to slide air box in proper location. Makes sure

it is sitting in slots towards the front of the air box

before going further. 14) Re-clamp the top of the box, with

the three clamps. 15) Reattach large hose and small hose

to air box. 16) Slide vacuum sensor with the Hoses

and wiring attached to in back into the original slot. 17) Reattach the intake tube to the air

box and refasten hose clamp. 18) Reattach the Mass airflow wiring to

the Mass air flow meter. Note: My self or are not

responsible for damaged, lost, or misplaced parts, and/or

incorrectly following steps. If you are unfamiliar with

engines or are not mechanically inclined I suggest you

get help from someone with prior experience or better yet

a professional. If you have worked on engines and or

familiar with working on engines then you show have no

problems. This guide is designed to help someone easily

find key areas and parts too aid in the removal of the

"butterfly" valve. If we in anyway can improve

this handy, "printer friendly" guide please

Thanks ill try
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