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regarding plans, well that is kinda why I am here - to find out what people do with their Celicas.  I have friends who have modified their Nissans and Hondas so I have some idea of what is possible but I would be interested in reading from other drivers what they have done and what kind of improvements they received as a result.  

I am doing the small stuff at the moment, the usual stuff you do when you buy a used car.  I put the mags on, ordered some custom floor mats (where do all the floor mats go in Used Car Dealer land?), some nice number plate protectors and that kinda guff.  Down the track maybe I will look at air flow etc.


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Hey Steve,

  nice to see another Aussie taking some pride in his celica.  Not many of them where I am (Queensland).

I've done a bit to mine (it's a 5th generation though).  Pretty mild performance stuff.  Mainly mods to make the car look better (they don't need much though
).  There should be a few pics of my car on the member's page soon.

Send me an email if you wanna ask me some questions...

... if I ever go on a cruise down to Victoria, I'll let ya know.  Love chatting to celica fanatics!    :)


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