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Lifted from another board...thought I ought to share...for those of you who use your real info on Hotmail...

To fellow Hotmail users.... please take note!!

In today's world we never know who has access to what information and we seem to have no control over it.

Companies such as MSN/HOTMAIL have done underhanded things. Did you know that about 2 months ago MSN/HOTMAIL added 2 little boxes in all the profiles?
These boxes if marked share your email with other users.

One box, if ticked, gives other people the right to see your information including your address. Now MSN/HOTMAIL has taken all the passports that were created before they added this and marked YES SHARE MY INFORMATION and did not tell anyone.

HOW to remove your name:
- sign into your email account (for those with more then 1 you have to do it for all of them),
- click on OPTIONS
- click on PERSONAL PROFILE and scroll to the bottom
- you will see the TWO added boxes - unclick the check boxes and save.
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