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<font color='#000000'>alright once again im new to toyotas... um im not really into goin through all the problems of swappin engines from 3sfe to 3sgte... but if i got a manifold for turbo... could i just get the turbo from the 3sgte and put it on the 3sfe? what else would i need... could i use the ecu from the 3sgte as well?</font>

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<font color='#000F22'>a 3sgte exhaust manifold would bolt onto your head yes. but sometimes turboing is more complicated then swapping because you still need a ton of parts to make it work correctly. 3sgte computer would not work.
parts needed:
exhaust manifold
blow off valve
boost controller
piggy back system to control fuel and timing
larger injectors (somewhere around 440cc)
all intake piping would have to be made
down pipe
exhaust would have to be matched to down pipe
that should get you boosting... problems that occur after boost:
headgasket to weak need to replace with a better one
clutch to weak
once all of those are fixed you should be able to boost approx. 7-10psi if tuned right, and produce approx. 170-200hp
also with the higher compression on that engine it would require a higher octane gas</font>
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