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My little old Celica choked yesterday.
I need to replace the alternator. It's a Toyota Celica GT 1999 Automatic Transmission.
The genuine alternator for the automatic transmission has been discontinued.

My question is - could one use the alternator or the manual transmission on an automatic transmission?
Automatic is 80amps - manual is 70 amps. Are there any other differences?
If not, do you have any recommendations?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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ripped this off a search. I don't think 10 amp increase will actually affect anything. As long as your voltage regulator is working properly
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Does putting a higher amp alternator on a car hurt a car?

A car alternator is voltage regulated. It constantly adjusts it’s output to maintain the battery at the proper float voltage of about 14 volts. If you add extra loads, like high power off road lights, or a huge sound system, then the stock alternator might run out of current and the voltage will start to drop. A higher amp alternator will be able to handle more amps before the voltage begins to drop, so you can add more loads.
As the other answer mentioned, if you add a higher power alternator, the main output wire from the alternator to the battery will need to be sized to handle the possible current flow. The one possible issue with some high power alternators is they may need to spin faster to start making output. They may also need a bit more field current. When I installed an “upgraded” alternator, I would have to blip the throttle up to about 2400 rpm before it would start charging, but then it would stay working even down to under 1000 rpm idle. In RV’s and some car sound competition cars, they can install a second alternator and battery system that stays separate from the battery system that starts the engine.
Any time a system on a car is modified, it needs to be dome right. If the proper planning and care is done, it is completely safe and can be beneficial. If a car modification is done poorly, then it can be very dangerous. Things like adding a high amp alternator should be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Don’t cut corners, use the right supporting parts, such as heavier wiring as needed. If you have not added any aftermarket loads, then stick with the stock alternator."

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PO is asking whether they can put a lower amperage alternator on.

Yes you can, but it may not keep the battery charged up if you are using the car at night, in city, with lots of shifting.

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