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All trac St185 mistery switch

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I just bought an American All Trac Celica ST185 with a switch in front if the shifter and I have no idea what it does.
It looks to be factory as the plastics around are beveled and inset like its ment to be there...
Any ideas?

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What is your vehicle's VIN (or full Model No. or full Frame No.)? We have a couple of ST185's, but they are USDM models, and if yours was built for a different market, things like that would be unique to that market (or not available on USDM ST185's).

You also posted your question in the Celica 4th Gen forum. An ST185 is a 5th Gen Celica.
Yours in a USDM ST185 "All-Trac". Unusual for this model to be exported. My son has two of these. That switch is not something that Toyota would have used in a USDM ST185. That switch hole in those covers were used for various other switches (such as the convertible top open/close switch on 5th Gen convertibles). But not used on a USDM ST185. Your best bet is to contact the previous owner and inquire. Or trace the wiring of that switch to see what it is tied into. You have a bit of a mystery there.
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