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Not a very hard issue. Not familiar with the '85 but you should be able to remove the whole unit with a few screws, usually accessible from inside the door or on the door frame. They should have a plug connector so you can bench the unit. If the glass is just loose on the mount it can be easily re-glued, a good construction adhesive would work. While the unit is on your table/bench you can test the motor using any 12volt power source. I'm sure there are wirering diagrams on the net with color coded wires to tell you power source, up/down/right/left etc. if the motor runs and moves more than likely your switch is dirty or corroded but normally can be cleaned.
My '91 mirror power rocker switch was just dirty and easily cleaned. Sprayed some WD40 behind the mirror to lube the moving parts and it was good to go.
An evening of puttering should get you back to good.
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