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<font color='#000000'>Hey,
For the last few months I have been buying and gathering parts in order to turbo my '92 Celica GT. But as I was afraid the cost is getting to be more than the horsepower gain is worth to me. I recently talked to a friend of mine about the problem and he suggested getting a Zex kit instead. He said that the strain on an engine under 8-10 psi from a turbo was equal to the same HP gains from nitrous. It seems to make since that your putting more air in your engine and it is in turn making more HP than stock... so basically, can anyone confirm or deny that statement?

Thanks for the help,

PS - He also knows someone selling a Zex kit for $350 in comparison to the $1500 for my turbo setup plus many many more hours of installation time...</font>

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<font color='#000000'>well it all depends on what u want.  Nitrous is nifty but too much of either boost or juice can hurt.  If you running like a dry 40 shot inot you intake its all good.  It will put teh jump on people while racing.  The nice thing is you dont have to always have the nitrous on.  U can save it for nights u race.  Tho a turbo is a bit more relialbe in my opinion.  I dont know I have a turbo for my car but i also have a nitrous bottle.  I think i am going to juice my car cause it is cheaper.  Just make sure u do it right and dont fry your piston rings or vlavues.</font>
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