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Does anyone have experience with valve seals for the 2ZZ engine? I need to replace mine and need to know which ones would be best.
Backstory: My son and I rebuilt the engine in a 2001 Celica GTS a couple years ago. The valve seals that came with the cheap rebuild kit were not different for intake and exhaust, but were all the same. I worried about it at the time, but I expected my son to destroy the engine before the seals failed anyway so we installed them. He has exceeded expectations and done a good job taking care of his car so I am now willing to spend more to do things right. About 10k miles later we are getting increasing amounts of smoke at startup. We have the engine out for a clutch replacement so this is a good time to address the valve seals.
I bought a set of seals from MWR but they are all the same and look just like the ones I previously installed. FelPro also sells a set of single type seals. The set from Supertech has different seals for intake and exhaust, but I don’t really trust their quality. The dealer wants $34 EACH for their seals. That sounds like extortion to me, so I don’t want to buy from them on principle. I’m leaning toward the SuperTech seals. Can anyone share any experiences with any of these seals?
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