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2004 celica gt help

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So I've had my celica gt for the past 8 months or so and it's been so much fun. Buuuut it has recently had some issues, it keeps wanting to stall. it has very low power and wants to stall all the time, last time I drove it was probably a week ago and I haven't touched it since, minus to take a video for you guys in which I just turned the car on, which it wouldn't do when it last broke down, in the video it's in neutral and it's wanting to stall I think, gets very close. The car doesn't have much of an exhaust at the moment so it is loud, but it's now a deep sound. and it has a squeaking sound. I just recently got the whole timing system replaced, but that only made the car run another two days without breaking down on the side of the road again, please give me suggestions on what it could be, this car is my daily driver. video of celica on
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