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<font color='#000000'>Hi guys. I'm new to the Celica. I need some insights to modifying the celica gt-s. I'm planning to purchase a 2002 GT-S with the VVTL-i 190 hp engine, but in auto trans. I have in mind to do the following mods.

-Port/ Polish engine blue printing and balancing
-1.2 mm head gasket
-Blitz Celica Super Charger Kit with Intercooler
-Blitz Sonic Power Air Filter
-Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust system
-Project U brake system
-Racing Spark Plugs with 5 core cables
-HKS Circle Earth Ground wires

Now, will these mods break the auto gearbox? I kwow if it's in manual trans, then the possibility to mod it is better as there are more options available. What i'm concerned is that these mods may be too much for the autobox to handle? Any ideas/ advice/ comments on the mods? Appreciate it very much. Thanks guys. - Center for Jap Performance</font>

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<font color='#8D38C9'>Wow!  Loks like it's gonna be one hot celi
 I don't know that much about the mechanical aspect but maybe Jhull can help you out, or Celica XIV or someone else with more experience... but damn, that's gonna be nice.  From the meager amount of knowldge I have though, I think the celi will be able to handle it, I don't think you'll have any troubles.  Keep us posted on your progress!  :thumbsup:</font>
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