Hello everyone. I have a beautiful 97' Toyota Celica Convertible for sale. This is the limited edition GT model which is a continuation from the 25th Anniversary model from 1996. These Convertible models where originally pre assembled in Japan and shipped to a company called ASC which modified the car into the convertible trim.

From a search online, these are the total Celica Convertibles manufactured by ASC.

1995 : 6,004
1996 : 2,792
1997 : 4,364
1998 : 2,316
1999 : 2,532

The engine is running very strong after the rebuild and there are no check engine lights on.

Work performed:
  • has about 5000k miles on engine rebuild.
  • new axle seals
  • new distributor
  • AC recharged during the engine rebuild (heat works great).
  • Has new tires with approximately 2,000k miles (originally came with 15inch 205's however its sporting 16 inch 215's all around).
  • Wheels are Sparco Assetto Gara 16 inch matte black.
  • The convertible top works great, the fabric was replaced about 10 years ago with a new glass window (The car is tinted 35% all around).
  • Interior leather seats and carpet has been redone to factory color at a shop called All American Street Rods in Manassas.
  • Car has fresh coat of paint (no scratches - it is the original Toyota 202 Astral Black) - paint work done at Rob's Customs in Manassas (door stickers were preserved).
  • Car has upgraded speakers and head unit.
  • New radiator fans ($360 a piece).
  • Rear Tail lights are from the Japanese Celica model.
  • Sports SSIII aero kit (front, sides, rear).
  • Has 7th gen steering wheel and airbag swap (all functions properly).
  • Transmission recently flushed.

This is some of the stuff that come at the top of my head for right now.

Known issue: it's got a small grind when shifting from 2nd gear to 3rd, however if you shift the car smoothly you wont notice it - also the car has plenty of torque where you can also shift from 2nd to 4th in you prefer to do so.