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Good afternoon. I am new to this forum, but have posted in a similar RAV4 forum previously, and found it tremendously helpful. I have a 1997 Celica GT hatchback 5 speed manual that I recently purchased. I really enjoy the car. I have fixed several things on it, and am trying to get the cruise control working. Here is where I am at thus far: When I push the on button, it lights up and blinks. When I drive and try to engage it, it just continues to blink steadily. I purchased a shop manual, and have been working my way through it, but would welcome any assistance I can get. I checked the 4 fuses involved with the cruise control function, and they are all good. I pulled out the glovebox to get at the Cruise Control Electronic Control Unit. I found some corroded wiring/insulation and needed to do some repair. I have fixed the wires and have now checked the voltages between the pins as recommended in the service manual. I will list them as follows:

Pin 2 - 13 = 10.3 volts with clutch depressed to 0 volts with clutch out

7 - 13 = 10 with the main switch on, 0 volts with the main switch off

8 - 13 = 12.5 volts with the ignition on

10 - 13 = 0 volts parked

I didn’t have a helper to drive, so I haven’t checked 13 to 11 or 12

13 – Ground = continuity

14- 13 = 13 volts with ignition switch on

15 - 13 = 13 volts always

16 - 13 = 13 volts with brake depressed to 0 volts with brake pedal released

18 - 13 = 11.9 volts switch in the neutral position, 5.8 volts with cancel switch held, 3.8 volts with set/coast switch held on, 1.7 volts with resume/accel switch held on

19 - 13 = 0 with main switch on hold, 12 volts with main switch off

20 - 13 = 6.25 volts parked (which is higher than the manual indicates it should be (4.7-5.2),

3.08 - 3.18 volts while moving, max 3.18 volts at 70 miles/hr.

21 - 13 = 0 and 0 volts with throttle pedal pushed and released

23 - 13 = 11.5 volts (this also looks suspect)

The part that looks the oddest to me is the speed sensor, where the manual says that it should be between 3-7 volts with driving, but it barely fluctuates. I think the next step is to change the speed sensor, but I wonder if this makes sense.

I also don’t understand the throttle valve readings, VR1-Ground

I didn’t check voltage between pins 24 - 25 as it recommends yet.

As a last step, I also used paperclips and a jumper wire to connect Tc and E1 on the diagnostic plug under the hood, and the cruise control light flashed a single flash, followed about three seconds later by three consecutive flashes, then a pause and it continues to repeat this pattern of 1 and 3.

This may all be a bit confusing, but if any of you have worked on this particular problem before, I would appreciate some direction as to what else I should test and how. The manual is very helpful, but it assumes a certain level of familiarity with the testing procedures, so I am kind of guessing.
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