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I have a 1988 Celica GT Convertible. It's getting cold quick, and am trying to get the heater working.
Taking out the climate control module that came with it, you can smell the circuit board behind it, it's fried. I figured it'd be easy to just find and order a replacement...(pic of the module i have attached)
I realized after some looking around, that the module I have is not the original one that came with the 1988 celica. My module looks SO similar to the original one, but it has an extra button, the placement of 2 other buttons differ, and mine does not say "Toyota" on it.
How could i go about finding this same module, or is this pretty much a loss cause? There's no part # or anything that could help me crack down on finding the exact same one.aa
Suggestions on what steps I should take moving forward with this would be greatly appreciated! (Also, the plug ports are identical, besides one having a gap between the two plugs while the other has them directly next to each other. Would it be worth getting an original replacement module, hook it up and see what happens?)
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