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1981 Celica Silhouette (canada) 10th anniversary edition

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Hi folks, found this website while I was hunting for pictures of my first car that I bought used in 1984. It was a 1981 Celica Silhouette 10th anniversay edition. Colour was dark Charcoal, had a white interior, steel sliding sunroof, supra stereo, and the brushed aluminum B-pillar said Silhouette on it. Also had factory aluminum wheels.

For the life of me I can't find anything about this car anywhere. Does anyone have any info on it? Was it limited to Canada only?

Thanks in advance!
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I just bought this car a few months ago, still have it, not looking to sell it, unless you give me a handsome offer. It's technically my second car however I didn't insure my first car or drive it much for that matter so i guess this may as well be considered my first car, however that's besides the point. Am looking to do much work to this car, should be a wicked head turner in my opinion. Love the car, haven't even put it on the road yet however. Looking for a brake kit before doing so as my current brakes are really worn down. Anyhow I'll keep this spiel to a minimum. Can send pics if you need.
You have a celica silhouette? If you still have it how many kilometers? And what year is it ?
You have a celica silhouette? If you still have it how many kilometers? And what year is it ?
Truthfully I have no idea how many kms are on it. I've got 3/4 of brakes and suspension done. New parts where it makes sense and clean and paint the rest. Front passenger strut is on the bench ready to assemble.

All Silhouette Celicas are 1981 as they were 10th anniversary editions. I suspect that there aren't very many left. In some ways I 2nd guessed myself many times with the purchase and restoration, but I suspect that will go away once I start it up and drive it. I'm hoping that occurs next month.
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