Will be moving soon and I have to sell. This is a rare unrestored, low miles classic that runs great. This uncommon color combination of black with white interior is super sharp. The condition clearly reflects a very high level of care and preservation by its owners.

I went on a seach a while back to get another 1977 Liftback like I had bought in 1983. I hit the jackpot when I was able to buy this one from the second owner who worshipped it for 36 years.Owner'sords came with the sale to show its history. I even have the original wheels. I've continued to baby it like some museum piece and I love taking it to summer shows and cruise-ins where it gets a lot of attention. I always kept it in my attached, insulated garage. The values for these head-turning models in good condition are going through the roof and I wish I didn't have to sell.