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  1. Fifth Generation
    Hello, I purchased a Steelmate 386M remote entry kit and have been trying (and failing) to install it in my 1992 Toyota Celica. The wiring diagram below is the only instructions included, and assumes you are also installing actuators (i'm just trying to trigger the existing actuators). I've...
  2. Seventh Generation
    Hi, I am a newb, and would appreciate some advice. I have an 00 GT I've spent half the day installing a new 2din with apple CarPlay. I thought "might as well do a backup camera while I'm at it". I have a plate mounted backup camera. I got the wires run from the stereo to the back of the hatch...
  3. Misc.
    I recently purchased a used 2000 Celica GT. There were a lot of problems with it, including the radio not working. I thought the radio itself wasn't working, so I took out the radio and installed a new one. The new radio I installed doesn't turn on and I know I wired it correctly to a harness...
1-3 of 3 Results