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  1. Seventh Generation
    Hey folks! I'm currently interested in buying a 2003 Celica I see for sale. It has 172,000 kilometers, and recently had the clutch changed. I was wondering what common issues the car has, and how expensive they are to maintain. Thanks in advance!!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I have a Toyota that's been passed down in my family since 1995 and after sitting for 5 years sadly while I was at college I am starting the journey of rebuilding it! Just got it started last year and looking to replace all the wheel base (brakes, calipers etc) to get it moving again...
  3. Sixth Generation
    Took the whole assembly apart and all I need is the motor but the only place I could find it is in the dealer. They only sell the whole assembly which is 400 $ and as a struggling high school student, I can't really afford that rn so if someone could help me out I've been looking forever send me...
  4. Seventh Generation
    Hey everyone I know this question has been asked a lot in the past but it’s now 2020 and not only are the celicas cheap so are the gt four engine and drivetrain and any other parts that would be needed. My real question is what would be the fab work required and why from the way I see it the...
  5. Seventh Generation
    I just got a 01 Celica GT Manual the previous owner blew a hole in the block but I will be engine swapping it with my brothers and I'm trying to find what parts fit on it like wheels exhaust maybe the 2zz If its worth swapping etc. Anything will be of help and thank you for your time.
1-5 of 5 Results