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  1. Repair
    Was dropping front subframe to replace steering rack and motor mounts and I saw this spring sitting next to the rack on the subframe don’t know where it goes. Thanks for the help much appreciated🙏🙏
  2. Fifth Generation
    Hey guys, I have a '92 Gt that I've spent way too much money on haha, but I bought some 441 feal coilovers with their FABS bump stop and upper radial bearing add on and and all new PU bushings for the front and rear from super pro. But have never done anything like this before. If I were to...
  3. Fifth Generation
    Does anyone know if any of the 6th gen rear control arms(including the trailing arm) can fit 5th gen? Considering getting new rear control arms for 5th gen is practically impossible or very expensive, I looked at the 6th gen and they look quite similar. Slightly different OEM codes, but...
  4. Sixth Generation
    Hey everyone! I own a 1996 25th anniversary ST. I was at a junkyard recently and saw a GT with a strut brace, and I figured for 15 dollars I’d take it. Once I removed it I notice the middle section was flimsy to the point where I could have folded it in half, I decided I’d weld in a center...
1-4 of 4 Results