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  1. Repair
    Hi, On December 14th the drive shafts on my Celica ST202 snapped, yes, plural. I've been looking every day for a couple hours since it's happened and I cannot find them anywhere. Nobody has the correct part that I need and it's starting to get on my nerves a little bit because I find it very...
  2. Repair
    hello :) i am a 20 years old and i have decided to take on a project car for the first time. i have built a motorcycle before so i just went for. i know its not the same thing but i am not complettly useless in a garage. I have a 6th gen ST202 it is the one with super strut suspension. I have...
  3. Sixth Generation
    Hey guys! I own a Celica GT ST-202 1998 JDM edition the one that is 2000cc and 175 hp. I bought it brand new and import it from Japan to Germany and finally in my country Greece! It was like a special order to bring the car here and with the wheel placed on the left side. My mechanic said that...
1-3 of 3 Results