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  1. Sixth Generation
    Hi! I recently purchased a 1995 Convertible Gt the only problem is the drivers side door took a good hit while parked. I found a parts car for cheap but I need to know if the coup and lift back doors will fit the convertible? Is there anything I would need to modify or is it just a straight...
  2. Sixth Generation
    So I have a 94 celica st and I was doing a clutch job on it but somehow lost the pilot bearing off the flywheel when I took it out. Does anyone know where I can find another pilot bearing? It's a 1.8l and manual trans (c52) if that helps. First post btw!
  3. Sixth Generation
    I have a few questions. This is my first car that I have bought and I have no idea of what i'm doing. Its a 1994 GT 1. How do you get to the passenger airbag 2. Good lowering springs for a few inches for cheaper 3. good camber kits for cheaper 4. Any random things i should know? Thank you guys
  4. Sixth Generation
    Does anyone know a good 2 step rev limiter for the gen 6 im looking into getting one thankyou
1-4 of 5 Results