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  1. Seventh Generation
    I have a the opportunity of buying a seventh gen 2001 celica. The 1.8 engine version. The price is around 3800 dollars in my local currency, I live in Guatemala btw. The problems that we found that the car has amount to 1200 dollars, this also takes into account the fact that the tires are...
  2. Maintenance
    Hello, I’m new in these forums and I’m in a bit of trouble with my decision for my first car, I don’t live in snowy Areas also. so the main question, would a Sixth Gen be a good first car? Or could a Seventh Gen be better? For pricing, i found some for sale under 5K for the both gens, they’re...
  3. Wanted
    Hello anyone in california selling a good trans for a 1zz?
1-3 of 3 Results