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  1. Sixth Generation
    I want to do a 3sgte swap bc I need stustustu and I need to be the fastest car in my car club. I want to do a 3sgte swap into my celica and ditch that 1.8L, but as we know that engine was not offered to us plebian americans, and the only ones I can see that are being imported right now are from...
  2. Third Generation
    I found a 3rd gen Celica GTS with the 22re engine and very minimal issues (mostly cosmetic) going for $4000 and was wondering if that was a good price as im newer to Celicas and quite honestly dont know how much the car is worth as i cant find much on value. I do really like Celicas and and was...
  3. Fifth Generation
    Was told by my mechanic that my ‘91 GT needs new motor mounts. Where do I find these and what should I look for? I plan to replace them diy style.
1-3 of 3 Results