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  1. Photochopped
    I just bought a set of enkei wheels for 100$ to put on my fifth gen and i've done a lot of searching and i cant find pictures or anything about these wheels. So I was wondering if anybody had any idea of what these enkei wheels are called?
  2. Sixth Generation
    So I'm thinking of spicing up my '94 ST coupe with some new wheels and tires. I have decided I like the Aodhan Ah02, which is a 17x8 wheel and I want to put 225/45/r17 tires on. Will this combo rub or will I be just fine??
  3. Sixth Generation
    I want to do a 3sgte swap bc I need stustustu and I need to be the fastest car in my car club. I want to do a 3sgte swap into my celica and ditch that 1.8L, but as we know that engine was not offered to us plebian americans, and the only ones I can see that are being imported right now are from...
  4. Third Generation
    I found a 3rd gen Celica GTS with the 22re engine and very minimal issues (mostly cosmetic) going for $4000 and was wondering if that was a good price as im newer to Celicas and quite honestly dont know how much the car is worth as i cant find much on value. I do really like Celicas and and was...
  5. Fifth Generation
    Was told by my mechanic that my ‘91 GT needs new motor mounts. Where do I find these and what should I look for? I plan to replace them diy style.
1-5 of 5 Results