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  1. Second Generation
    I just bought a 1981 Celica and have been astonished to discover that I cannot get anything for it; even basic parts. I need a radiator? Nope. Steering gear? Nope. Intake hose? Nope. I just got the car and am already beginning to consider removing this entire engine and drive train and putting...
  2. Wanted
    Hey guys, I'm posting this just to have that extra little help to complete my Celica. If you have taken the time to read my introduction post, I thank you for your time. I've attached within this post a series of photos. It's mainly a collaboration of things that I have interest in fixing, some...
  3. Fifth Generation
    Was told by my mechanic that my ‘91 GT needs new motor mounts. Where do I find these and what should I look for? I plan to replace them diy style.
  4. Fourth Generation
    hello, anyone knows WTB Celica ST162 corner lamp any ST I think will fit, I need both sides
1-4 of 4 Results