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  1. Fourth Generation
    Hi, I just bought a 1989 Celica GTS Liftback, and 3rd gear is really touchy to shift into. Gives a little grind/crunch sounds and pops out sometimes. But 3rd still functions well. I heard the C50 transmissions had issues with 5th popping out as they aged. Just wondering if these C52...
  2. Third Generation
    I 2jz swapped my 1984 celica gt, but I'm missing a wiring harness, and I cant seem to find a direct answer to what harness I need. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or maybe a link to a harness? It is a 2JZ-GE (non turbo) and it has VVT-i.
  3. Second Generation
    I belive the car I have is a Second generation A40 1979–1981 Toyota Celica Liftback 2000 LT (RA40, Australia) 5-speed W50 manual, 1968 cc 18R-C However I know pretty much nothing after that. I don't know how to find the VIN as well what year the car was produced. Some of the car has been modded...
  4. Wanted
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a 76-77 Celica Liftback. Color doesn't really matter, but I am definitely looking for something in decent condition(limited rust, running vehicle, decent interior, etc). Located in NJ, but willing to ship if need be. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results