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  1. Repair
    I have cleaned the IACV and the MAF, I have a second celica i use for parts and i used both sensors from that car that i know 100% work as it used to be the car i drove but it has an engine problem, but still same issue, sometimes when i start it goes up to 3.2k roughly and sits there, i have a...
  2. Fifth Generation
    Just replaced iac and coolant sensor but car does this Watch Video Of Idle Surge
  3. Fifth Generation
    I swear I have no idea why it’s still idling high I replaced the idle control valve and the sensor but if I cover the iac valve to the throttle body and it idles fine (hmmmm). replaced my coolant sensor used my multimeter to check it (it checked out) no vacuum issue despite the 29yr old hoses...
1-3 of 3 Results