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  1. Seventh Generation
    Hello everyone.i have a 2000 toyota celica gts automatic with 180,000 miles on hearing a loud sucking/whining sound coming from gas door/gas tank louder than the initial gas pump noise.Ive replaced everything from hoses,seals,pump and filter.only thing i havent is the suction valve(top...
  2. Repair
    greetings everybody, i need some assistance figuring out why my car wont get spark. ill go in depth to everything iv'e done to it and the exact sequence of things that have happened i have replaced -spark plugs -camshaft sensor/distributor -crankshaft sensor - timing belt and tensioner (not...
  3. Repair
    Everyone I've got a 2001 Celica GT 1zz - Fe with 234000 miles on it. It seems that I've been going through oil more than usual lately. I took some engine Degreaser and tried to clean up the area a bit so it might be a little harder to pinpoint where it's coming from. Where's the valve cover or...
  4. Fifth Generation
    Just replaced iac and coolant sensor but car does this Watch Video Of Idle Surge
  5. Fifth Generation
    I swear I have no idea why it’s still idling high I replaced the idle control valve and the sensor but if I cover the iac valve to the throttle body and it idles fine (hmmmm). replaced my coolant sensor used my multimeter to check it (it checked out) no vacuum issue despite the 29yr old hoses...
  6. Sixth Generation
    I have a 94 celica gt 2.2 and im looking to get a turbo on it but i cant find a kit for it so im wondering if somone has done it and if they could send me links to the parts that would be perfect and if i find a turbo kit or something before someone awnsers I’ll share it on here thank you
1-6 of 6 Results