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  1. Modifications
    Whats up fam. So my 72 celica is loosing pressure in my brakes. The two culprits point to the master cylinder or booster. Looking to see how I can solve this weather I can put in a brake booster with master cylinder from another year or if anyone knows where I can get a master cylinder from...
  2. First Generation
    Straight noob here. I have a 1972 celica looking for a steering column. The bushing at the distal part of the column, closest to the steering box is gone and when i steer the wheel you can see the empty space. Anyone have an idea of a part out car or even what would be compatible if i took it...
  3. For Sale
    1973 Celica Coupe Red exterior Gutted interior, brown door cards Vancouver, BC, Canada SHIPPING AVAILABLE AT EXTRA Photos: Discription: Parting out a RA21 Celica coupe, with a 4 speed manual, and a swapped in 20R...
1-3 of 3 Results